L o s A n g e l e s T i m e s Critic's Choice- " To its considerable credit, DeWeldon brought gritty believability to Danny & The Deep Blue Sea deeply inhabited on a moment to moment basis." By Charles McNulty, (Chief LA Times Critic.)

L o s A n g e l e s T i m e s Critic's Choice- "DeWeldon, effectively contained, finds an arresting stillness, gorgeously performed. Deeply inhabited on a moment to moment basis, turbulently affecting & robust performance " By Charlotte Stoudt (LA & NY Times & Village Voice Top Critic)

B r o a d w a y W o r l d R e v i e w Critic's Choice- "Kudos go to Daniel DeWeldon whose Father Braulio is the mark of a brilliant performance that enlists such an emotional response to a character. Some of the most dramatic and sensational moments I have witnessed on stage."By Sharri Barrett

S t a g e H a p p e n i n g. C o m - The villain Father Baulio of the Inquisition, effectively and menacingly portrayed by Daniel deWeldon. Very strong individual performance. By Elyse Cook

P l a y B o y M a g a z i n e' s, Lillian Muller, Playboy's Playmate of the Year and Dancing With Stars, Norway- "De Weldon as Father Braulio is PURE POWER, SEX APPEAL, CHARISMA, YOU HAVE IT ALL SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH YOU WORK!!!! MASTERFULLY & BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED WORK!!!!"

L A W e e k l y Critic's Choice- "De Weldon, the art and craft of being, volatile intimacy, impressive technique, defining his role with precision. Live wire performance. War Horse. Super natural theater."
By Steven Leigh Morris (Head Critic LA Weekly)

B a c k S t a g e W e s t, Critic's Choice -
" De Weldon's performance is wonderfully layered. When he gives us a glimpse inside, the bear becomes a teddy bear." By Dave DePino

S h o w m a g .c o m Critic's Choice - "De Weldon is a reminder of Marlon Brando's Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire." By Mary E. Montoro

L A S t a g e S c e n e .c o m, Critic's Choice- "De Weldon with a James Dean look and intensity creates & accomplishes the miraculous, he makes "Danny" heroic. DeWeldon is member of the legendary Actors Studio & it shows." By Steven Stanley

R e v i e w s P l a y s .c o m, Critic's Choice- "De Weldon is a blunt force instrument, to borrow the phrase with which M labeled Daniel Craig’s newly minted 007 Bond. DeWeldon's transformation was magnificent in his tentative attempts of intimacy and tenderness. By James Scarborough

K C R W 8 9 .9 F M National Radio Broadcast Critic's Choice-"DeWeldon makes Shanley's pungent, staccato dialogue believable... Wild."

F r o n t i e r s M a g a z i n e- "De Weldon hit every level imaginable in David Rabes' "Streamers".

E X A M I N E R. C O M- "De Weldon is excellent in his role as the deeply dark Father Braulio. Powerful and deeply moving." By Ron Irwin

L A. W e e k l y' s Critic's Choice- "De Weldon sat staring into space, smoking, playing out Shanley’s Apache dance with scrupulous honesty and attention to the details, unfolding in the ebbs and flows of life. By Steven Leigh Morris (Head Critic LA Weekly)

C i t y B e a t- "DeWeldon takes over bringing Shanley's pungent language to life." By Don Shirly

"De Weldon's magnificent performance far surpass any other interpretations of this terrific play, forceful and poetic". -L y l e K e s s l e r, playwright ("Orphan's")

"LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS". "DeWeldon is a Gigantic talent, real star power." - U t a H a g e n

"DeWeldon shows us how horrific it is to be human, the terror of being alive and singular, the immeasurable wound and scar of life, and its concomitant tolerance, constitution, will and perseverance, creation, monstrous, delicate and divine. Genesis, here God can only watch and learn." -Ryan Cutrona, actor ("24", "Mad Men", "In The Line of Fire")

"I'm a huge, huge fan of DeWeldon".- H o w a r d F i n e

M a r k R y d e l l, ACADEMY AWARD nominated best director (On Golden Pond, The Rose, The James Dean Story) said, "Daniel De Weldon's "Monumentous" is one of the best screenplays he has ever read."

B a r b a r a B a i n, 3 Best Actress EMMY AWARDS, 3 years in a row, said "Daniel De Weldon's "Monumentous" is one of the best scripts she has read in 20 years."

M a r t i n L a n d a u, ACADEMY AWARD winner best supporting actor (Ed Wood) and Emmy Award winner, said, "Daniel De Weldon's "Monumentous" is an epic story that deeply moved him." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_de_Weldon


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